At SPJ Advocates, We covers a wide range of sensitive and emotional issues related to family law. As a legal expert we knows that the family related matters are long and painful process that’s why we try to close the legal matters as soon as possible. We assure you that we will stand a step ahead from you to protect your interest. We are committed and constantly working for resolution of family disputes by way of mediation, conciliation and amicable Settlement. We provide comprehensive services in the matters relating to Adoption, Partition, Alimony, Marriage, Succession, Divorce matter, Custody of Child, Dowry Harassment, Special Marriage Act, Maintenance Matters, Wills, Property division, Probate of Wills and Domestic Violence etc. If you need advice, SPJ advocates are here to serve you with fully private initial legal consultation.


Leading lawyer Sunita Sharma is the founder of SPJ Advocates and has been practicing divorce, domestic violence and child custody matters since 2010. She is extremely familiar with complicated Indian laws and have established a reputation for her through the solving of some most challenged divorce matters in India. Her law firm “ SPJ Advocates & Co. represent clients throughout Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida, while our Head Office is located in Gurgaon and Saket District Court- New Delhi to meet the clients at convenient locations. Divorce lawyers at SPJ Advocates are highly respected for their mastery of the field of family law and deep understanding of the legal nuances that sometimes can make or break a case.


Women Understand women

When it comes to winning your family law matters such as divorce cases and child custody, hiring a female family lawyer can be the serious edge. No one can understand Women better than women that’s why female lawyers actually win more divorce cases.

Feel courtroom at Ease

Because of dedication, female lawyers generally do the superior court trail job. More often than not, court room feels more connected and ease with female lawyer and attract soft corner toward the client that simply results positive divorce outcome. So hire a female lawyer on your side is a great way to get people to sit up and listen.

Less Legal Risk

Divorce court is a jungle — complex, unfamiliar and unethical. It does not matter how much you are civilized, divorce trail and opposition party questions automatically make you irritate and angry. One of your wrong actions encouraging the honourable judge could reach a final decision that can impact on your whole life. Only an experienced female divorce lawyer who is having a good impression on court members can offer you the right advice about legal protocol.


However, in India, 50% divorce cases are settled through mutual divorce, but for rest cases, clients follow the path of contested divorce that involved a court trial too. Considering of divorce, divorce filing and replying to a divorce is the most painful moments of an individual life because personal emotions and family members are involved in the process of divorce. Apart from that before a marriage goes end, both husband and wife need to settle legal issues related to child custody, property division, Alimony and Maintenance. We understand that divorce is one of the most distressing experiences in an individual life because too many troublesome questions arise in the mind what not allow you to sleep for upcoming night’s, like as:

  • Will my divorce be accepted?
  • How much time my divorce will take?
  • What about maintenance and alimony, if yes then how much?
  • What will be the future of my child?

These are only a few of the numerous inquiries that may streak through an individual's brain when beginning divorce procedures. So, speak with “Sunita Sharma” the leading Family Law specialist, who will provide the experienced advice and guidance that you deserve. she helps her clients to handle post-divorce trauma and negative emotions, this stands her apart from the crowd of lawyer’s.


Combat against domestic violence and physical harassment

Domestic violence is a serious social concern of Indian society that is not just faced by women but men too. Strange but true that earlier women’s were considered the victim of domestic violence only, but from last 15 years men are also filing the domestic violence complaints against his wife. So, meaning to say that the culprit can be anyone either men or women and this cycle of domestic violence is continuing across generations.

Domestic violence includes the following physical and metal harassment:

Physical Harassment includes Hitting, slapping, punching, biting, hair pulling and burning are some example of physical harassment.

Mentally Harassment includes verbal abuse, humiliation in public, blame game, isolation from family and friends.

Sexual Harassment includes unwanted sexual contact, forcefully encouraged to do unnatural sexual acts you don’t want to be a part of

Financial harassment includes – Not fulfil the essential financial requirement, not to let the job and snatch your own money.

Our domestic violence lawyers in Delhi and Gurgaon are an expert and decade experience to deal with sensitive domestic violence cases. Please contact us or further informations

Being a female, I do not encourage divorce if there is a chance to save a marriage, I say let's give it a try until no option has left. Our only aim is to help reduce trauma and the stress of a victim.

Whether you are looking lawyer for Dowry Harassment, Child custody, Maintenance & Alimony, judicial separation or have other divorce related issues, We are an elite team of best divorce lawyers in Gurgaon specializing in most complex and national divorce cases led by Advocate Sunita Sharma. Some of our top divorce lawyers have been fought high profile case in District And Sessions Court Gurugram, Chandigarh High Court, Delhi High court and Supreme Court of india also. “Sunita Sharma” the leading divorce law specialist understands that divorce trauma is a frustrating, sensitive, emotional and painful process for all clients that’s why she tries to close your legal matters in the shortest possible time.