Real estate investment is considered as a safe & a secure investment in India, but without understanding of the Indian property law, rules and regulation it can be most risky too. In India, property law is very complicated because various state governments, central government and local bodies have their own law related to land and properties. Property dealings in India can be complex due to inappropriate documents, property verification, payment transaction structure and license documents. SPJ advocates is considered one of the top Property Lawyers in Delhi NCR including Gurgaon and India. No matter where in India you want to purchase the property, we help the clients by investigation of property chain documentation, property title deed, calculate risk factors, check litigation issue, Property registration services at sub-registrar offices, getting of approvals and permission from concerned local authorities, home loan and cases of mortgage. Our dedicated real estate lawyers are happy to draft various types of legal documents like builder buyer agreement, Partnership Deed, sale deed, General power of attorney, special power of attorney, lease deed and contract related documents. With decades of property law experience, we’re here to help make your property closing go smoothly.


SPJ Advocates & Co. is a real estate law firm who is passionate about offering legal consultancy on complicated property matters. We are problem-solving law firm that thinks 'Out of the Box', and provide you the best solution to your legal problem that’s why we are considered as Best RERA lawyers in Gurgaon. As a crystal-clear speaking property lawyers, we understand the complexities, nuance and unpredictable commercial nature of property trading. Our deep understanding of the Indian property law undoubtedly enables us one of the best real estate lawyers in India.

In simple terms, whether you want to purchase the property or sale of your property, we do not want you to fall victim of fake local agents and urge you to avoid getting into serious legal issues. Property lawyers of SPJ advocate & Co. can handle anything related to the sale and purchase of property (Commercial and residential), land purchase dealing, investing in a property, transferring of property title and property dispute resolution. Our highly professional property lawyers will take care of all legal aspect that include property title search, legal formalities, payment transaction, litigation issues and property..


Our exclusivity in property law undoubtedly enables us one of the best real estate lawyers in India. Whether you want to purchase the property or you’re buying your first home, we will provide the best legal advice that suits your situation and protect of your interest. As a real estate lawyer in Gurgaon, we understand the different law and regulation related to the sale and purchase of property in India.

At SPJ advocates, we do not want you to fall victim of fake local agents and urge you to avoid getting into serious legal issues. If you do find yourself in need of legal help, speak to our expert today, we are available on phone and email, round the clock all year round. Our property lawyers are highly experienced to handle the litigation concerning your property.


SPJ advocates & Co. have experience in all aspect of property laws related to transfer of property, litigation related to disputes of property and the rights of property buyers. We provide legal consultancy services to our various clients which includes corporate groups, industrial establishment, Factories, real estate group and individuals too. We are well versed with major property acts of India including Transfer of Property Act, Land Acquisition Act, RERA, Consumer Protection Act and Competition Act. Some of other specialities are:

  • Mutation of properties and Patwari related work.
  • Registration of sale deed/ GPA/Agreement to sell etc.
  • Building, Development and Construction Contract Agreements.
  • Property joint ventures.
  • Formation of Trusts and estate management.
  • Legal documentation and advice on Sale/Purchase/Lease of Property.
  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes.

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